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Towards a greener planet

Why We Do What We Do

Improving Health

By using your stoves, women and girls can reduce their exposure to harmful smoke and pollutants, which can cause respiratory diseases, eye infections, and other health issues. By improving their health, they can lead more productive and fulfilling lives.

Reducing Gender Inequalities

In many communities, women and girls are responsible for cooking and collecting fuel, which can take up significant amounts of time and limit their economic opportunities.

Saving Money

Traditional cooking methods often require the use of expensive or scarce fuel sources, which can strain household budgets. By using your stoves, families can reduce their fuel consumption and save money, which can help them better meet their basic needs and invest in their future.

Protecting The Environment

Traditional cooking methods often involve the use of wood or charcoal, which can contribute to deforestation and climate change. By using your stoves, families can reduce their reliance on these unsustainable fuel sources.
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dedicated to creating clean and efficient cook stoves

We are a climate-tech enterprise that aims at improving the lives of women and school-going girls by designing and producing clean, affordable and accessible cook stoves. At our company, we believe that every individual should have access to clean and affordable cooking options. Unfortunately, traditional cooking methods, such as open fires and inefficient stoves, have significant negative impacts on both health and the environment. Women and school-going girls are often disproportionately affected by these issues, which is why we’ve made it our mission to create clean cook stoves that are accessible and affordable for everyone.

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Keyo technovation is a climate-tech enterprise that aims at improving the lives of women and school going girls by designing and producing clean, affordable and accessible cookstoves.Our cook stoves are made from locally available materials. We are concerned with what women use daily and that is cook stoves. We produce and distribute clean cooking cook stoves to low income earners households. A lot of women have spent 1/3 of their time walking long distances to collect firewood for cooking. Most of women have been exposed to sexual violence by walking in deep forests in search of firewood. After all these, the same women and their children have been exposed to respiratory problems from the indoor air pollution. We have found a solution to our women. Our cook stoves are clean and energy saving. They use pellets and hence no more firewood collection. They are affordable and accessible to all.

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I like all of your products for the unique layots and simple usability. The tech support is always willing to assist, and the high quality of service is impressive. Thank you and good luck!

Wow, what a great experience with your group. Thanks for the awesome design and creative ideas! You guys are always on top, I’ll be definitely recommending your services to everyone I know!

My vision and ideas hav been welcomed warmly and eagerly. I was confident about working with these guys, and as the result we have an amazing project with huge success! Thanks for everything!

I appreciate the fast and effective customer support assistance. It matters a lot that you get a quality product with a quality service. Highly recommended if you are looking for the best!


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